social when you sell

open more new accounts, and sell more to existing accounts


open more accounts and sell more to existing accounts

Helps you open more new accounts, or sell more of a new line because retailers see you as a partner.

expert social media marketing

We provide expert social media marketing that enables your existing retail accounts to effectively sell your products.

converts consumers

Drives jewelry shoppers into stores to buy your products.


better reach

Improves your brand recognition among targeted jewelry?shoppers.

we do all the work

Look like a hero?you don’t have to do anything and your retailers don’t have to do anything.

how it works

Our clients have been adding all, or a percentage of, the retailers’ fees to the retailers’ opening order with virtually no resistance.

enrolling your retailers

  • You can dictate the amount retailers must spend in order to take part in the program
  • We train your sales reps to sell the program
  • Your reps sign up retailers for the program when they place a product order

coordinating with retailers to post photos and videos

  • We contact retailers to gain access to their social media. Because we’re a third party and submit a non-disclosure agreement, we get no push back
  • Coordinate with retailers to ensure marketing does not begin until your products are placed in their stores
  • Post the 9 assets on their Facebook and/or Instagram; these will be posted over a period of time of each retailer’s choosing
  • Boost each post (paid advertising) to a targeted audience in their market. This dramatically increases the number of consumers that see the post
  • We provide the retailer with analytics reports to show the effectiveness of the program

creating 9 product videos and stills

  • Feature products that retailers are buying from you
  • Combination of still product images placed in environments or on models, and engaging, elaborate product videos
  • Descriptive product copywriting is included
  • Assets are reused by each of your retailers, so you only pay for them once

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